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you know what’s cooler than going to the Parade’s End premiere? going to the premiere and actually sitting next to benedict for 1,5h.

I’m not even kidding. we were sitting next to 2 seats that said “reserved” but no one was sitting in them during the first 3 episodes. then halfway through the 4th episode 2 people came semi-running in, giggling and it was a really intense scene so I was pretty annoyed with people being so childish. 15min later I turn my head and… it’s benedict who’s sitting next to me. does the universe love me or not? :D

aside from that, the whole thing was awesome! met some cool people and afterwards had a nice chat with benedict (who started up a conversation spontaneously). he’d never seen it before himself and afterwards he thanked me for staying for the full 4 hours. such a top lad!

although, I gotta tell you, it’s pretty awkward when you’re watching a sex scene and one of the actors is sitting next to you.

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    "although, I gotta tell you, it’s pretty awkward when you’re watching a sex scene and one of the actors is sitting next...
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    If I was in your place I would find myself screaming at him to be quiet like I always do when people interrupt a movie...
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