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image danglinghearts replied to your photo: I’m reading this book on modern adaptations of…

Seriously, when you’ve finished it, you have to post it here. I so want to read it.

I’d love to, but I’m not sure if you want to struggle through 70 pages of boring thesis writing, haha! although it’s pretty interesting - I’m writing on how 2 modern adaptations of Sherlock Holmes (Elementary and Sherlock) each incorporate modern technology and new media in their story and how it changes our view of Sherlock. 

(and aside from that, I’ll have a bigass picture of Benedict and me on the second page, which already makes it one of the best theses ever.)

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  1. danglinghearts said: Nope, still sounds like an interesting read. That is of course if you’re allowed to share it here and if you won’t mind :)
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