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In other news, I get to go back to The Fifth Estate set for 3 full days next week!

They were looking for more extras so they let me come back. I get to play an “important hacker of Wikileaks” and we have to go back for 3 full days, so hopefully we’ll get to see lots of the set and actors (we already saw Benedict and Daniel Brühl for a fair bit last time). Really really excited about this!

Last time in Ghent was tons of fun because there were 200 of us extras and the atmosphere was awesome, but I’m also really curious how it will be different now that there will be only 50 extras. 

Of course I’ll be blogging about this extensively (if possible - they don’t allow phones and pictures on set, logically) and tweeting (@yasminegonerad) :)

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  1. acciofelixfelicis said: Wow, that’s really cool! I wasn’t able to sign up for that one :( (only for Belgian residents I guess)
  2. prattzels said: Wow awesome and congrats! Ghent was indeed so much fun, but a bit late :p
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