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can I just say I love my life? I’m really not the bragging kind because 1. I don’t like self-centered people, and 2. there are some losers around me who are stupid enough to give me hate for things I’ve accomplished through lots of hard work that it doesn’t seem worth it. but hey, let me give you an update on why my life is pretty much a fucking dream right now. so prepare for a shamelessly self-involved post coming up. haters to the left.

on saturday (so tomorrow) I’m going to be interviewing walk the moon. in the evening, going to their concert and somehow, the website I’m working for decided to get me a photo pass for the gig so it’ll be my first official time photographing a concert in the front stage. I’ve been wanting this for ages so awesome, right? also, my lovely baby sarah (suchgreathights) will be there during the whole thing with me :)

on sunday I’m going to the FBO studios to get my costume/outfit fitted for my part as an extra on the fifth estate. not entirely sure what I’ll be playing but the description said “important hacker” and the last day I’m playing some kind of person who works for the wikileaks submission board. excitingggg exciting!!

on mondaytuesday and thursday, I’ll be on set for the fifth estate for pretty much 3 full days (7am till 7pm). no idea what they’ll have us do, what the set will look like, what actors will be there (pretty sure benedict will be there, after all it’ll be the wikileaks headquarters…). so it’s all a big surprise and I couldn’t be more excited!

on wednesday, I’m seeing yellowcard in concert and interviewing them beforehand. honestly, this is one of the concerts I’ve been looking for the most. they were my #1 band when I was 15-16 years old and they’re one of the few bands I haven’t seen live yet. so yeah, it’ll be pretty fucking awesome meeting my heroes!

and then finally on friday I’m seeing the killers live again. haven’t seen them in concert since 2008 so that will be pretty fucking cool as well.

and of course, being the social media whore that I am, I’ll be blogging, tweeting (@yasminegonerad) and instagramming (@yasmineschill) the whole damn time.

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  1. acciofelixfelicis said: I need a week like this too. What did you sacrifice? Haha. Have fun!
  2. moodswingbabyb said: So proud! You deserve every single thing on that list :)
  3. lady-r0salind said: So exciting! Good for you! Ignore the haters.
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