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ugh I somehow uninstalled missing e. and couldn’t figure out how to get it back for ages. finally did though so time to reply to y’all! I swear I’m not an antisocial brat.

danglinghearts replied to your photo: this is what they cast me as. watch out people,…

I’m so excited for you. You get to do this for all of us who can’t! Have fun :)

yes, I’ll make sure I’ll document everything as much as possible and post it here so you guys can experience it as well :) they’re pretty strict on phones and pictures though, which is understandable, and I don’t want to get kicked off the set, haha!

acciofelixfelicis replied to your postIn other news, I get to go back to The Fifth Estate set for 3 full days next week!

Wow, that’s really cool! I wasn’t able to sign up for that one :( (only for Belgian residents I guess)

I think there was just something really weird with this one… my friend, who is the exact same age as me and who has the same profile (student, driver’s license, lives in belgium) couldn’t see this role? it was really strange, some people could see it and others didn’t. :(

anothermindpalace replied to your postI’m applying for something I really really really…

Gooodluck, my hobbitpremiere-butnotreallypremiere-buddy! :D

thank you lovely :D still bummed we didn’t get to see the hobbit that night but it was fun nevertheless :)

lady-r0salind replied to your postcan I just say I love my life? I’m really not the…

So exciting! Good for you! Ignore the haters.

thank you lovely :) and ah, I spend my life ignoring the haters - to be honest, I think they’re just jealous but they don’t realize that I get to do all these things because I worked for it. ah well, their loss!

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